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Afraid to ask for what you need?
Tired of wondering where your next sale will come from?
I’ve been there and I’ve got you.

Welcome to CR Conversations. A place where you will leave your fear behind, own your “F” words (aka reasons for failing in sales) and walk away with confidence and swagger. It is my goal to help you overcome your obstacles, wipe off the stench of failure and learn how to sell with a serving heart.

Let me ask you this… why did you get in to your business?

It’s most likely because you LOVE what you do! You are a giver and want to share your gift with the world. You are here to make an impact and change lives! So my follow up question is… where’s the disconnect when it comes to selling what you have to offer?

Many entrepreneurs get hung up on the fact that you are having to ask for the sale. It feels gross. It feels schmucky and you do everything in your power to stay away from being “that person”. I feel ya! No one likes to be sold to and it is difficult to ask for what you deserve.

Our Customers Love To Rave About Us!


When I started working with Katie, I didn’t know what to say or how often to follow up. Had little to no communication follow up. The solution I received after working with Katie is a targeted and strategic communication strategy in everything that I do. It has been instrumental in retention and growth. Katie is strategic, passionate, dedicated, an expert, honest and fun.

Kimberly Alexander Growth Strategist – Kimberly Alexander Inc.
Sales begins with
knowing who you serve.
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Persona Exercise
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So I invite you to go on a journey with me!


You will be loved here, supported, encouraged and given the proven processes and strategies to connect with a new way of selling. It’s about relationships here. NOT transactions. Together we will change the world! It’s time to do something different, learn new ways of selling and serve the way you want to serve (not sell).

Grab your favorite libation, take some time to peruse the website. There are all sorts of freebies and yummy content for you to begin the change you’ve been looking for. Start your journey to finding sales success below:


Giving Back to the Community

CRConversations supports the MaxFund Denver

The MaxFund is where Katie and her boyfriend were united with their first late pup Daphne. She was their first dog and the MaxFund was incredible with the care, love and support they gave them as newly adoptive parents. They have shown their support for the MaxFund personally every year and have brought it in to CR Conversations because of their belief that we have so much to learn from our furry friends.

CRConversations gives back to community and supports the MaxFund Denver
CRConversations provides customer retention and supports animals