Failing sucks.
Success is sexy.
Stop sucking and learn how to sell!

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End the feeling of just having a transaction.
Lay the foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Welcome to CR Conversations

Hello there! We are out to change the way our world interacts, one business relationship at a time. Get comfy, grab your favorite libation and scroll, click and peruse. We tell it like it is, take every conversation to heart and enjoy a good laugh along the way.

So let’s get real for a minute… Your business requires interacting with other human beings... yes? Excellent, so based on the truths told above, your clients, collaborative partners, vendors and everyone else you work with on a day-to-day basis would like to know that they matter and that they are heard.

Welcome To Our World!

Every day we are on a mission. A mission to erase the entrepreneurial “F” word… Failure. Failure is a terrifying word and never welcoming experience. Failure can make itself in to our lives in many ways and especially when it comes to sales. So here we are da da da daaaaaa! Our proven processes in how you communicate your sales process, follow-up strategy, customer retention and customer selling will keep that F word far from your distance. We believe in people, which means we believe in YOU! We have a saying here… sales isn’t scary… it’s just a conversation.

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Sales begins with
knowing who you serve.
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Making those dolla’ bills starts with meeting with people and making real connections. It takes strategy and execution. It also takes understanding, discipline and knowing that what you are putting in to place works! No more guessing, no more spaghetti at a wall and no more FAILING. Let’s have a conversation shall we?


Giving Back to the Community

CRConversations supports 

the MaxFund Denver

The MaxFund is where Katie and her boyfriend were united with their first late pup Daphne. She was their first dog and the MaxFund was incredible with the care, love and support they gave them as newly adoptive parents. They have shown their support for the MaxFund personally every year and have brought it in to CR Conversations because of their belief that we have so much to learn from our furry friends.

CRConversations gives back to community and supports the MaxFund Denver
CRConversations provides customer 

retention and supports animals