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The only difference between selling and serving is your intention.

Hello entrepreneurs and sales professionals! Welcome to CR Conversations, your home for learning the proven sales processes and strategies to make an impact, change lives and build your biz. Sales can be a scary and downright dirty word. But here, you will learn that sales is equal to serving.

If you are tired of not reaching your goals because you feel “salesy”, exhausted from the hustle of networking without getting a return on your investment or simply know what you need to do but need accountability and support to get it done, you are in the right place. The foundation of my programs are to help you first own your “F” words, your reasons for failing in sales. This might give you shivers but recognize that in order to make change, you first have to own your shortfalls, only then can you improve and succeed!

There is a new way of selling and through the programs, trainings and coaching programs at CR Conversations, you will finally become comfortable having sales conversations. So I invite you to get comfy, grab your favorite libation and spend some time here. Let me be your guide to fearless conversation, impactful strategies and ultimate confidence in asking for what you deserve so you can help the people that need you!



The Impact


When I started working with Katie, I didn’t know what to say or how often to follow up. Had little to no communication follow up. The solution I received after working with Katie is a targeted and strategic communication strategy in everything that I do. It has been instrumental in retention and growth. Katie is strategic, passionate, dedicated, an expert, honest and fun."

Kimberly Alexander Growth Strategist – Kimberly Alexander Inc.

Join me and begin the change


Every program at CR Conversations will provide you support, guidance and expert direction. I have spent over a decade formulating, developing and implementing the strategies to change the way we sell. I believe that if we treat others like they matter, give them a voice and properly know how to guide them through the sales process, you will never again feel like you are selling. You will be serving.


Giving Back to the Community

CRConversations supports the MaxFund Denver

The MaxFund is where Katie and her husband were united with their first late pup Daphne. She was their first dog and the MaxFund was incredible with the care, love and support they gave them as newly adoptive parents. They have shown their support for the MaxFund personally every year and have brought it in to CR Conversations because of their belief that we have so much to learn from our furry friends.

CRConversations gives back to community and supports the MaxFund Denver
CRConversations provides customer retention and supports animals