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Increase Customer Loyalty Part 1

Sunday October 19, 2014 comments


Okay, it is time to “kick it old school” and create some personalized and face-to-face interaction with your customers. Oh and we will be incorporating the “new school” tactics here too. In this article we are going to go over #1, #3 and #5 of the 10 Steps to Increase Customer Loyalty tip sheet. Get ready to take some notes and to start implementing these strategies today.


  • Write thank you notes: We chose our words wisely when we said “write” thank you notes. We know that there are absolutely systems and technologies out there that will send thank you cards with a click of a button and may have software to show your handwriting when printed. We accept this technology as a last resort if you cannot find yourself to handwrite the thank you cards. Here is why handwriting the cards makes such a difference:

    People can tell it is you that took the time to write them a thank you card. We hear all the time that “my handwriting isn’t the best” and that is OKAY! The whole point of writing a thank you card is to show that you are sincere, genuine and that the thank you came from you. So shed your insecurity of your handwriting and pop a few sentences of appreciation in the mail to those you’d like to thank.

    You innately become more involved with that customer. When you handwrite a thank you card to your customer you are forcing yourself to create a relationship with them by remembering why they deserve a thank you and how to make it personalized.

    People love getting mail. We still get solicitations and of course our bills but when something with your address handwritten on the envelope and even the card inside is handwritten it makes us feel special. Everyone loves to feel like they matter.


  • Follow them: we don’t mean for you to get all creepy and start following them in detective attire and stare at them behind a newspaper at their favorite coffee shop, we mean on social media. You want to get to know your customers, find out their likes/dislikes, what bring them joy in their life, what books/articles/blogs are they interested in reading? When you request to be friends with your customers, add them to LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest you are building a new level of your relationship with them. Please heed our advice though when we say to always remain professional! You must be conscious of what you are adding to your social media because your customers will be following you just as you are following them.

  • Throw a party: Who doesn’t like a party? Putting together a little shindig for your customers is an excellent way to show your appreciation for them. Here are a few ideas to keep it low on cost but high on success!

    Use your customers as resources: When looking for a location think about your customers that have brick and mortar businesses that might work for a party location. Your customer most likely be delighted to host the event at their location because it gives them free advertising to the rest of your customer base and their guests.

    Brand your party: From the beverages to the food and decorations make everything you can represent your brand colors and style. You can always get creative by going to the local dollar store and get most of your supplies there!

    Do video testimonials and/or surveys: One of the best ways to maximize having all the people that love your company in one place is to get it on film. Have someone (not you) take short 1-2 minute video testimonials from your guests. This is going to increase excitement about your business and give you the opportunity to utilize their testimonials for your marketing at a later date.


Phew! We know that those three steps alone can be a bit overwhelming however, if you are able to implement just one of them you are on your way to create more connected, longer-lasting and more loyal relationships with your customers.


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