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A love letter to the world

Monday February 26, 2018 comments

Our world is a complicated place. It is filled with opposing perspectives, opinions, debates, clashing views and constant struggle. With all of that said, let’s talk about what we should be focusing on. Our humanity. Seeing the good in the world and BEING the good in the world. Every day we are given the power to make a difference and be the difference.

We all got in to business to make a difference. Let’s peel away the layers of why you decided to get in to business to get to the root. For me, it’s simple. To make others feel heard and that they matter. This sounds so simple yet it is incredibly powerful. All it takes is an open heart and open mind. Be kind to each other and offer a lending hand to someone in need.

We are human beings. We all love, we hurt, we fear and we crave to find our place in this world. What is your place? What can you do contribute to making the world a better place? It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can start with a smile, a laugh or lending your ear to someone that needs it.

Our world needs a change and it starts right here with you reading this and me writing it. We must take a stand to change the way people feel in this world. So many feel unwanted, unloved, afraid and disconnected. You have the power to change this and to set intention to be kind, be forgiving, be open to listening and engaging in conversation.

This is not a typical blog post for me, it isn’t directly related to business but we wouldn’t have business to be if it didn’t start with these principles. I recognize that this is all easier said than done. With more negativity being perpetuated than positivity, it is easy to get caught up in the storm. It is easy to get angry, to shut down and pretend it isn’t going on. Hiding isn’t going to help us, it is only going to let the storm get stronger and WE are stronger than the storm. If we all take a stand to lift each other up and stop tearing each other down we can and will make a difference.

You need to know that you matter. Your contribution to this world matters. Your voice is needed to be heard and if you keep silent then nothing will change. Together we must rise up and fill the world with these love letters and declarations of kindness.

So I ask you, be the change. Do something different. Make an effort everyday to consciously be kind and be there for someone else. Together, we can make a difference.