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Are we Dating or Prospecting?

By: Katie Myers Sunday September 13, 2015 comments

As a salesperson, have you ever thought to yourself… “Geez, this seems a lot like dating?” Chances are you have at some point thought about the similarities. Let’s lay them out a bit. We will start with the phases of personal relationships:

  1. Wooing – seeing one another from across the room or being introduced by a friend. You are feeling out whether or not you may be a good match.
  2. Dating – you start to hang out with another. You are gaining knowledge about each other’s interests and spending more time together.
  3. Marriage – you have decided that you are the perfect fit and you don’t want to be with anyone else.

Now let’s do the same little exercise with the progression of obtaining a client:

  1. Networking – you meet this person for the first time. Perhaps you are introduced by a colleague and you see if there is a connection to be a potential client.
  2. Prospecting – you have decided that this person/business is of interest to you and that you could help them with your service/product offerings. You take them out for coffee or lunch to build a relationship.
  3. Retention – you have landed this person as a client. You want to keep them interested in your product/service so that they may re-purchase, purchase more and tell their friends/colleagues/family.

Now that we put it that way you can see the similarities right? We need to take these similarities under close consideration because what this all comes down to is people in business with PEOPLE, yep people, not businesses. Once you start to change your mindset around business and personal relationships being different then you will become more successful in your close ratios, more in-tune with the needs of your clients and able to deliver a high quality of service/product.

Take some time to review what you know about your clients. What would you want a vendor to know about you? If you are like us, our children are four-legged furballs and we consider them family. I want those I do business with to know how much I care for my animals and that animals are a big passion of mine. My favorite charities to donate to are animal shelters and rescues. The things that are most important to me are going to be things I search for in other people. Whether they are businesses that I work with, clients I attract, or personal friends.

Identify what matters most to you and then do the same for your clients. Ask the questions to get to know them and you will find a deeper loyalty and connection to them than any surface purchase could give.

I’d love to know what you do to build relationships in your business. Drop me a line or comment below. You can also hop on over to Facebook and send me a PM or comment

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Katie Myers

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