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Become a Follow-Up ROCKSTAR

Wednesday October 1, 2014 comments


Allow us to paint-a-picture for you....


You spent all this time and money participating in a tradeshow. You collected a stack of business cards, made some great connections and are now thoroughly exhausted.


Check, check aaaaand check.


Well, now what do you do with all of those cards you collected?


Most likely they end up back at your office in some sort of pile with lots of good intentions put towards filing them and sending your communication.


Lemme tell you my friend, good intentions don’t create emails or pick up the telephone.


Want some real action?  Here are three quick tips to make sure you don’t slack on your follow up:



1.  Use a CRM 


A CRM is a sales person’s lifeline, the blood and the air you breathe into your business.   CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and there are tons of them for you to utilize.  There are a few out there that are favoroed by our small business friends and you can find them here, here and here.


Everyone on your team can use this system to categorize leads, enter their contact information, and schedule communication touches (most of them automatically!).


BONUS:  You can also feed your recycle bin and part ways with those business cards once they are entered in to your system. 



2.  Sort at the Show


You are going to get lots of cards from a lot of different people at the tradeshow. All of which will most likely fall into three categories.  1) ideal prospects, 2) referral partners, 3) file 86.  (Yes, it really exists. :) )  


PRO TIP: Before you go to the show sit down and identify the categories of people you will run it to. Then, while you are at the show take a permanent marker with you (pens don’t always write on the shiny cards) and make a note on the back of each card you receive as to which category they belong.


Implementing this system will make it incredibly simple to add them to your CRM and start the communication process.



‚Äč3.  Offer Multiple Forms of Communication 


We know that email is the easiest and most convenient form of communication.


There is absolutely a time and place for email and in the process of follow up it is very important.


However, we urge you to utilize multiple forms of communication to stay in front of your leads, prospects and customers. We recommend incorporating phone calls, emails, thank you cards, and social media to stay top of mind with the people you meet.





Now, it''s YOUR turn to paint a picture for US! 


In the comments below, tell us;


What system or service are you using to follow-up with your prospects or clients?


Don''t worry, there is no right or wrong answer, just share with us!