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Being Memorable at Your Next Trade Show

Monday February 29, 2016 comments

What if you could walk in to a room full of potential power partners, prospects, vendors and affiliates? What if with the right setup, swag and follow-up you could fill your pipeline for the next 6 months? Well my friends, then you should be looking at investing in a trade show!

Trade shows can be an extremely powerful tool for showing the world your rockin’ personality and exemplary services and/or products. We’ve participated in many trade shows over the years and have compiled a list of go-to’s and need to know’s for having the best possible outcome.

First things first, it’s time to start thinking about turning your regular booth exhibit into something memorable and exciting! The best way to pad up your client list is to attract, and keep, the attention of individuals who could be your next group of raving fans!

How many networking events have you gone to where you’ve passed table after table and just weren’t interested enough to approach and strike up a conversation? On the flip side, can you think of a booth or exhibit that made you stop and want to find out more? I think it’s pretty clear that you want your table to elicit the second reaction. So here’s how to do it…

Get Creative

Setting up a table at any type of event generally requires an investment in time and money, as do most marketing and advertising endeavors. Let’s be real here, doesn’t it make more sense to create a display that promotes the best results? Of course it does! There are many companies out there that specialize in unique booth designs. If a brainstorming session isn’t enough to come up with an amazing idea, contact a business with expertise in creating stand-out booths. On a budget? Do a search online or on Pinterest to spark your imagination and come up with creative ideas. We love Pinterest for oh so many reasons!


Think about the last time you went to a trade show. What were you most excited about when you opened your swag bag? You probably by-passed the fliers and went straight for either the food or the most interesting piece in the bag. Not only is the right promotional item a reminder for individuals after they leave the event, the perfect promo materials will motivate people to come to your table. A really unique giveaway could even become a conversational piece for attendees – drawing additional attention to your brand. Anything that gets the people talkin’ is a great investment in our eyes!


A trade show staple for creating the buzz and excitement you want is to host a giveaway of some sort.  A fun event with interesting prizes will draw all types of personalities to you. Be certain to create a way to collect visitor information so that your effort and investment creates ROI for your business. This is where it becomes imperative to know who is coming to your booth. All of the work above will go right out the window if you don’t have a strategic.

The Demo

Spend some time developing a way to demonstrate your product or service. Incorporate technology and any other necessary resources to ensure that what you do truly stands out and makes an impression. There is quite a bit of modern technology available for this sort of event including digital signage, interactive tools, and brand visuals.


You’ve made all the plans, designed a fantastic set-up, ordered some fun swag and giveaways, and figured out your demo. Now it’s time to stack the deck in your favor! Three to six months out start building a promotional campaign. Get your client list excited about your upcoming event. Ask your brand ambassadors to help spread the word. Incorporate the details of the trade show on your website and in your social media. Design some eye-catching visuals that people will be motivated to share with their lists. You’ve put hard work into this – get your people excited!! Not only will this increase the amount of traffic to your booth, it will also make your table the place to be. Curiosity gets the best of us all and a table surrounded by loyal fans and happy clients is certain to draw all the right kinds of attention.

Making the decision to man a booth at a trade show should not be taken lightly. It’s a rare event that offers free space in order for you to display what you do. Any business thinking of making the investment of setting up a display should also spend the time developing a strategy for maximum success. Get their attention and get them excited and you will have no trouble at all filling your sales funnel this year.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck or just need a little advice, we are here for you!

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