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Build know, like, trust with technology

By: Katie Myers Monday June 8, 2015 comments

build know like trust with technology

Why do people do business with those they know, like and trust? It may sound obvious to some but let’s take a look at how our society interacts with people currently. We are attached to our smartphones and to our tablets, computers etc. for the majority of our day in some capacity or another. We can hop on our devices at any time, and there are absolutely times where this is more convenient and you don’t need the face-to-face interaction with a human being to complete your purchasing desires. So why is it we, as business owners, focus on the know, like and trust values in a technology driven era?

I believe that we as humans have a few core desires and needs. One of those needs is to know that we matter, another that we are accepted or belong and lastly that we have something to say and want to be heard. These notions will never go away, no matter how much technology we have at our fingertips.

So how do you step outside of the technology, or better yet, use technology to help you create the know, like and trust factors that are so core to your business? My thoughts are as follows:


  • Creating the know: Utilize the many powerful tools of technology to TELL YOUR STORY. Your messaging and brand should shed light about who you are, how you came to be in business and what passion drives your desire to keep going. You then can share your story to the world via your website, blogs and social media postings.

  • Creating the like: Simply by adhering to the first step above you will create a bit more of the like factor. You can accelerate the “like” factor by engaging with your audience and sharing things that YOU LIKE and inviting them to become involved. For example, we are HUGE animal lovers here at CR Communications and in every monthly email we send, we send a funny animal video. Our audience starts to like us because we share things with them that they also like. You can do this as suggested through email, social media and blogs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Creating the trust: The trust factor can sometimes take the longest to accrue. Interaction is the key to trust. What I mean is that at this step of the process you need to be interacting with your audience in a way that is more than just sharing information about yourself and your business. Here is where you can share testimonials, case studies and kudos you have received from customers and power partners. You can also build trust by always being an expert, advocate and resource to your audience. Being someone they can turn to for help is an excellent way to develop trust. Again, you can share all of this information via your website, social media and blogs.


I would love to hear what you do to build the know, like and trust factor for your business. We spend a lot of time listening to our audience’s successes and struggles so we invite you to share yours too! You can do so by commenting on this blog OR by hoppin’ on over to and following us! You can also leave a comment or private message to have your questions answered on our next Talk it out Tuesday video.

To your pure success,



Katie Myers

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