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Don't network like a Cat

By: Grace Child Wednesday May 13, 2015 comments

network cat

Don’t network like a what?  Yes, I am totally serious with this one folks.  Don’t be the cat in the room full of dogs (see our previous blog on how to network like a dog).  We haven’t fallen off our rocker, I promise.

Imagine a cat in a room full of dogs, people, or any other living being. A cat finds itself a comfortable nest above everyone else.  It looks down upon the chattering group wishing they would all just pipe down. Perhaps, if the others should be so lucky, the cat will entertain a belly rub. Speaking of belly rubs – The cat will encourage one to entertain a belly scratch or any form of attention for approximately 30 (if you’re lucky you’ll get your entire 30 second commercial out with no interruptions). The cat will become immediately disinterested and might even engage in physical disapproval by scratching or biting, this being the symbol of being completely disinterested in anything you have to say.  

So how do you stray away from networking like a unsocial, disinterested and self-involved cat? Retract your claws, put down the catnip and follow these steps:

  • Be engaging: Assess your feelings – Do not go into a networking group in a bad mood. You are there to represent your company and the last thing you should do is try and interact with potential clients or power partners when you’re feeling grumpy.

  • Be the right kind of self-involved: Try meditation – Whether you are an advocate of mediation or not, a little piece and quiet away from the stress of your day is pivotal. If you give yourself the permission to simply sit and breath you will find your mood and energy increase!

  • Don’t always play the solo route: Find your tribe – Make sure you are taking the time to network with people you actually care to hang out with.  The beauty of networking is you have the freedom to chat with whomever you want.  If you are trying out a new group bring a good friend in business along with you to create a comfortable atmosphere.

OK, friends, I hope you use these simple tips to be your authentic self and leave your grumpy cat at home or rather just never be a grumpy cat. If you want more tips and tricks on how to not network like a cat we encourage you to comment on our Facebook

What do you want to learn how to do next? Ask us and we’ll answer it on our next Talk it out Tuesday video!

Here for you,


Grace Child

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