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Everyone Loves You, Now What?

By: Grace Child Friday April 17, 2015 comments



After reading our last blog, ‘How to Self-Promote Like a Boss’, you are totally ready ROCK your self-promotion efforts, I know.  But what happens when you are so good at attracting people to you that you are getting, among the right people, the wrong people? We have learned so much about ourselves and our business by turning down the people that aren’t a good fit, to make room for the right ones.


When you are a baby business in the big bad world, it’s easy to try and take on all jobs that come into your bubble.  Stop doing this.  One of the best things you could do for your business is turn down business that doesn’t align with your vales. .  When you master your Self-Promotion technique, you should be mastering how to attract the right people.  Here are a few techniques we have practiced to perfect attracting the right people for your business:


Define your target: If you haven’t already, sit down and write out all the qualifiers for your perfect power partners, referral partners and clients.  Think of your BEST in all categories and write out what those people look like, and act like.  Think of the people that consistently refer you. Are they sending you good qualified leads? If not… you might have to share with them your preferred client/power/referral partner.


Phone call: What do you do when someone really wants to meet with you because they just love what you do but you know they are not your ideal client/power/referral partner?  Be courteous, always, but protect your time and schedule a 20 minute phone call with them.  This will give you both the opportunity to see if there is a fit without wasting time and money on a coffee date. (Both parties will be grateful for this)


Know your value: How much is your time worth to you?  Your time should be held as if it is the greatest gift you can give someone.  The old saying ‘time is money’ has not gone out of style.  Your time with other people is precious and you want to spend that with the people who are going to build you up.  Have the coffee dates with the people that meet your qualifications.


When everyone loves you after you’ve mastered your self-promotion techniques do not forget these 3 key tips.  You are on your way to building a great network of people!  If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us or comment on one of our Talk it Out Tuesday videos! Check them out on our Facebook page .


To your pure success,



Grace Child

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