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Follow up to keep them from cheating

By: Katie Myers Thursday March 19, 2015 comments

Follow-up is essential to ensuring your customers don’t cheat on you with your competitors, but what about following-up with those who are not yet clients? 


For most small business owners, attending networking events or tradeshows is a great way to meet potential clients, but following-up with those met through these events can often be a source of agony.


According to multiple tradeshow reports, between 70-80 percent of tradeshow leads are not followed-up.  This is a problem!  You have gone to all the effort of putting together a beautiful display; mingling and connecting with prospects to never speak with them again?  No way! 


It doesn’t have to be this way.  All your hard work can be rewarded if you just put a plan into place and commit to furthering your lead relationships.


Plan ahead


Have a plan in mind before attending a trade show.  What information do you need from people and how will you go about collecting it?  Strategize how you will collect information as well as file it.  For the most effective follow up it is pertinent that three different types of info are collected: 1) mailing address 2) email 3) phone number. 


Collecting multiple forms of contact info enables you to use multiple touch points to connect with leads and not inundate them with one type of correspondence.  In addition, asking the lead for his or her preferred method of communication provides insight into how best to communicate with that specific person.


Follow-up immediately

Prioritize your leads so that you are connecting with the most serious prospects first.  Contact should start within 48 hours of the tradeshow.  Allowing too much time between the event and follow-up creates an opportunity for your competitors to swoop up a potential client. 


Prospects also forget about you!  Whether there were 20 vendors at the show or a 100, the likelihood of a prospect remembering you out of everyone is unlikely, unless, of course, you follow up.


Take Notes

The power of making someone feel special should not be underestimated.  The probability that you will be the only one following up with a lead is slim to none, so it is important to set your business apart.  For example, one of the most asked questions of a bride at a bridal show is, “when is the wedding?”  Asking a question unique to you and your conversation with a bride builds a strong connection, but referencing that anecdote in your follow-up develops an even stronger relationship.


Tradeshows are a great way to market your business and make strong contacts, but follow through is the best way to get the highest ROI.  Statistics show that 80 percent of lead conversions come after the fifth contact.  Take the time to strategize about the next event you attend; qualify your leads, follow-up immediately and take notes on your conversations. 


The gold is in the follow-through. We always want to hear your successes, trials and questions. Please connect with us on our facebook page  AND subscribe to our channel as well as leave your comments below! 

Now go strike up a conversation! 

Katie Myers

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