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Go and Get Out There!

By: Katie Myers Monday May 4, 2015 comments


Let’s face it, we are all salespeople. Yep, even those people that HATE sales. If you own a business then you my friend are a salesperson. As salespeople we are responsible for bringing in new customers to make the business grow. One of the best ways for us to do that when we are first starting a business is to get out there and meet people.


I understand that even the phrase “getting out there” makes some of you shudder. I have dear friends that are introverts and I have repeatedly conversed with them about their fears of networking and putting themselves out there. Here is what I have come up with and my recommendations for learning how to “get out there” like a champ, whether you are introverted or can strike up a conversation with anything with ears.

  • Set your intention – Your intention when networking should NOT be to get new customers. I know, I know that seems like the opposite of what you’d think. Instead of seeking out customers you should be seeking out collaborators, power partners, referral sources and MOST IMPORTANTLY others you can help.


  • Pick your atmosphere – Even those of us who are extroverted can be made uncomfortable in the wrong networking setting. When first starting out, large numbered groups do not automatically mean more opportunity. Start with a smaller crowd so you can work on your conversations and introductions. In smaller groups you are able to get to know the others there, and they you, much better than in a swarm of cocktail yielding happy hour-ers. That leads me to the next point of atmosphere, begin with during the day events. You traditionally will find more serious business people during the day than after hours.


  • Be yourself – seriously, be YOU! If you go in to networking thinking more along the lines of making new friends than finding new business you will be much more attractive to the opportunities that await you.

If you are looking for suggestions of where to network and want to know where CR Communications is hanging out please visit our Facebook page . Some of our closest networking associates and We look forward to hearing your successes!


To your pure success,



Katie Myers

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