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How Attractive Is Your Message

Wednesday March 16, 2016 comments


We all need to make an income in order to support ourselves and our loved ones. Many people chose to work for someone else in order to just ‘earn a paycheck.’ I know, I know…this isn’t you. You didn’t start your own business just to earn a paycheck. You started your business to change the world, make an impact, even change one person’s life in some way. That means there is something about what you do that you feel passionate about. So let me ask you this… Are you getting that across with your branding and interactions with others? Is it so blatantly apparent that your passion exudes in each interaction and conversation you have? If not, we can help.

The Quality of Your Interactions

When you walk in to a room and have the opportunity to start a conversation you are at a critical point of where sharing your message matters most. Your message needs to produce your passion and your purpose! When you interact with people for the first time you set the tone for your future interactions. You also create an, often lasting, impression of you, your company and your work. The quality of each of these interactions is imperative when it comes to building and maintaining connections and relationships. By showing someone your passion and sharing your story with them you establish the building blocks of the infamous know, like and trust factor. When you are passionate about what you do, your message inspires others and energizes them! This not only improves their interaction with you but it will set the path for encouraging further conversation.


Have you ever met someone that from the moment you shake hands you can tell that they are miserable in their job? Yeah, we’ve all me that person. When you don’t have passion behind your work it’s difficult to become inspired or to come up with new ideas. Innovation requires a level of interest and curiosity that cannot be accessed without passion! You must constantly engage in things that ignite your passion again, whether that is being a forever learner in your craft, or participating in an activity that inspires creativity, you can always refuel your passion.


People are naturally drawn to anyone that expresses excitement and vigor! Passionate people are contagious, no doubt about it. As you go about doing your work and talking about it with others, you will automatically become more interesting and attract an audience if you continue to share your excitement! The effect of this will naturally grow the number of clients, power partners and affiliates you attract and cultivate. Nothing is more attractive than a person that is passionate!

If you are struggling with how to transfer your passion in to a conversation starter and carry it through the conversations you have throughout your business relationships then it’s time to get some outside help. That’s why we are here! We are eagerly waiting to help you overcome your messaging and conversation struggles so you can shout your message from the rooftops. So go ahead, connect with us, we’d love to learn your story. You can check out our YouTube Channel for regular tips and suggestions or contact us directly via Facebook message or our website.

Here’s to good conversation,