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How to Build Your Messaging Foundation

By: Katie Myers Wednesday February 15, 2017 comments Tags: messaging, ideal client, target audience, follow up, strategy, follow up strategy, conversations

The feelings you invoke in your clients mean more than you can ever imagine. By building a messaging foundation, you can guide your clients while securing an emotional bond with your company. Remember that most purchases are influenced by emotions. A person will remember how you made them feel more than they’ll remember what services you provided.

Your potential clients and customers want to know that they’re heard and they want to matter. This is a universal truth that will never change. If you want to inspire your ideal client, you need to be inspiring. If you want to change their lives, you have to make them want your help to do it.

It starts with your ideal client. Who is your ideal client? It’s the heart of your niche, your avatar, and the person you should direct your messages to.

Donna Galassi, one of our fantastic power partners, said you must know the questions your clients have and provide answers in a way that guides them back to you. You need to provide a service to your ideal client. Create a message that will guide them. Let them know you care. If providing amazing customer service to the best customers in the world is your motto, prove it in your message.

Once you have your core message, the delivery method is next. Do you know how your clients want to communicate with you? Do they want video, podcasts, blog posts, or more? Choose a primary platform and build on that. If you stretch yourself across every possible format, you’ll get bogged down in the work, and forget about why you’re doing it in the first place. Remember that you want to get your message across in a clear, professional, and easy-to-understand manner. Take the time to survey your clients and find out what works best for them. 

A key takeaway here is that you can’t be something for everyone. You must choose your avatar, your ideal client. Engage with your clients on a regular basis. Listen and learn their pain points. If choosing your ideal client is difficult, you can choose from those clients you already have, or even yourself. What kind of message would you want to hear? In every aspect of your business, you are providing a service, an emotional connection. It’s hard to do that when you think of them as clients and not as individuals.

The most fascinating and inspiring testimonials come from those who were helped at key moments in their lives. They were inspired, heard, and most important of all, felt like they mattered.

Take the next step and build your messaging foundation today.

Katie Myers

About the Author: Katie Myers