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How to be inspired, when nothing is inspiring!

By: Katie Myers Monday July 20, 2015 comments

                Our to-do lists are massive, our chores at home and in the office are ceaseless and we are constantly occupied with communicating with friends, family, clients and business affiliates. For many of us the second that we have a moment to breathe, the thought of having to be creative sounds exhausting. Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs we must be able to create new processes, services and strategies for our businesses to remain fresh and exciting for our audience. So how do we ignite that inner creative and become inspired when our day-to-day world doesn’t allow much room for us to be ignited? I have come up with some go-to’s of my own to invigorate my creativity when it surely needs invigorating:


  1. My tribe – Having a group of people, a few people or even just that one person that you can tap in to and share your lack of inspiration with can make all the difference in the world. I have several people in my life that I can send a quick text message or give a call to when I am feeling uninspired and their ability to ignite the excitement and formulate ideas is the key to unlocking my lack of inspiration. It always seems much easier to have ideas about someone else’s business than your own, so go ahead and ask them!
  2. Emulations – Having people or businesses that you want to emulate can pose as an excellent source of inspiration on the days that are lacking. One of my favorite personalities that I hope to emulate is Marie Forleo On the days I am feeling uninspired I simply pop on one of her videos and see what nuggets of motivation she can send my way. I am also a huge Shark Tank junkie and always find a source of inspiration after a few episodes of seeing what other entrepreneurs are capable of.
  3. Meditation – Whatever form of meditation you choose to utilize, do it! I find some of my best ideas come from a moment of silence and stillness OR depending on the mood it could come from a session of listening to music that fits my mood. Taking a few minutes or hours to reflect on the current moment and being present allows my mind to settle so I can have room to become inspired and be encouraged to create.


All in all, the theme of this blog is to allow yourself some space and permission to look outside of yourself for inspiration. We cannot be working at 100% all of the time so give yourself a break and look for outside forms of influence to spark the inspiration you need. Perhaps this blog will be just that inspiration for you today J. For more information on tips to keep you in the best mindset and keep your business growing visit our Facebook page and watch our Talk it Out Tuesday video series on You Tube. As always we want to hear your feedback so leave a comment here or on our Facebook page!

Now go and start a conversation,


Katie Myers

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