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How to self-promote like a BOSS

By: Katie Myers Friday April 17, 2015 comments

Self-promoting is an inevitable feat for every entrepreneur. We promote ourselves and our businesses in many different environments from networking events to speaking engagements and we always have to be “on”. The livelihood of our business’ relies on our self-promotion which can be a very scary and stressful thing. I have learned a few tricks to self-promote without ever coming across as overbearing or arrogant and I would like to share them with you.

  • Align yourself with something you love: This could be a charity or a cause, or a hobby or sport. For me, I am a HUGE animal lover and have started to share my love for the furry friends while sharing about my business. In every newsletter we include a giggle of the month which is an animal video we found hilarious J. We also hold our anniversary events with a local non-kill dog shelter.
  • Have fun: If you are always smiling, laughing, and if you are like us this may include dancing and singing, then people find you intoxicating and will be drawn to you. This is one of the best ways of self-promotion because people are attracted to fun and smiles and will naturally ask you about your business.
  • Collaborate: One of the best things I have learned as a business owner is that having other people to utilize as resources will take me higher and farther than I ever could on my own. The great thing about have other businesses to collaborate with is that you then have access to their following and they to yours! Jackpot baby, you just doubled, tripled or quadrupled your reach through collaboration. 


There are many ways to self-promote without coming across as a cheeseball or a slimy salesperson. Just being yourself and showing the world that you have something unique to offer (which is YOU) will take your farther than you may think. We love sharing these tips and suggestions and would love to hear your feedback. If you haven’t yet started to follow us on facebook please do We want to dance around for your successes and help you out of your struggles. Let’s start talking!


To your pure success,



Katie Myers

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