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It's Networking Like Cats and Dogs

By: Katie Myers Tuesday May 23, 2017 comments

Becoming exceptional in your industry is difficult, especially if you’re going at it alone. It may seem like a mystical, unreachable goal, but trust me, it’s not. It’s all about networking.

The secret to successful networking lies in building the right kinds of relationships. Where better to look for examples than in the animal kingdom? Take dogs and cats, for instance. You want to network like a dog, not like a cat.

A cat will perch high above everyone else in the room and observe without engaging. They tend to have lofty attitudes and isolate themselves. You don’t want to be that way. Instead, network like a dog. Move out of your comfort zone and be quick to greet individuals. You want to show genuine and sincere interest in others. Be enthusiastic and it will inspire those around you to be the same.

Find the right place to network and go all-in! Now isn’t the time to be shy. You want to connect with others and the only way to do that is by pushing yourself to the forefront of the conversation, while still being considerate of those around you. It can be a tightrope balance, but with a little practice, you can take those first steps in building a rapport with those who support your business.

That personal connection is what makes the difference between a networking group and a community. Both are important, but know which type you want to develop.

If you want to know more about networking like a dog, we have a fantastic free ebook to get you started.

Show appreciation to your prospects, customers, and power partners and you’ll give them an exceptional experience. Providing value is the heart and soul of successful customer service. Build the business your clients and community deserve.

Katie Myers

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