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Networking in the Summer

By: Grace Child Tuesday May 5, 2015 comments


How many of us look at your business after summer and realize that it hasn’t gone anywhere in the past 3 months? We all do it, summer rolls around and we’d rather spend our time with family, friends, and adult beverages! Believe me, we want to be out playing as much as you do but what happens when we start playing and stop networking? YIKES! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could play and grow our business all summer long? Here are a few tips and tricks towards a safe balance of play time and business growth in the upcoming summer months:

  • Plan ahead – Pick your favorite networking events and schedule them into your summer calendar.  Make these events non-negotiable. This also includes planning ahead for family events such as vacations and social gatherings with friends. If it’s on the calendar, you’re going!

  • Feeling social, be social – There’s no reason to fill up your summer with only structured networking events. There are plenty of afterhours social events that you double as work and play. You can attend these networking groups during the summer months to keep up the balance of care-free and making money!  

  • Follow-up – just because it’s summer time, doesn’t mean your follow-up after your events can end.  After all, the event was next to pointless if you don’t follow-up right? Make the most of your summer networking efforts and meet with the RIGHT people after these events. See our last blog titled “Go and Get Out There” to calculate good people to find at your networking events.

If you need good networking opportunities for the summer months we follow our own rules and attend FUN networking like the EPIC event put on by Extreme Relationship Management, The Experience Pros, Infin8nation, and The Connecting Experts. Check out their meetup page Ask us how we can help you!

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