Online Membership Course

Online Membership Course

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Have you been wanting to serve the masses? Create your own online membership program? Then this is the training for you! 

In this series of videos you will learn the 4 phases of what it takes to create, develop and launch a successful, thriving online membership program! Here is what you can expect to learn: 

Start-Up Phase - Planning is EVERYTHING! Learn about how to develop your messaging, your program offerings and the foundational pieces for your website and software to house the membership. 

Pre-Launch Phase - Set yourself up for success! In this training you will get details on how to prepare to sell the membership, utilize your connections and contacts and prepare for communicating with your members to keep them engaged. 

Launch Phase - Launch it right the first time! Here you will learn about the methods and strategies to share your membership with the world, engage your members from the moment they join and have the back-office setup to foster easy use for your members. 

Post-Launch Phase - The work doesn't stop! Gain an understanding of how to continue to love on your members, and use your membership to continue to serve your audience with additional offers. 


You will receive bonus videos from Dave Kramer, Founder of AllProWebTools on what types of tools and software programs you need to setup, house and manage your online membership. 

The value of this training is $300... we are offering this to you for only $47! That's right, $47! 

Take advantage of this offer and create the online membership of your dreams and serve the people that need you!