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Promote Yourself through Confidence

By: Grace Child Monday April 6, 2015 comments


Being confident in yourself and in your business is a key element to how you work your business. If you don’t look and sound confident, there is a good chance it is directly affecting your business. 


The good news there are several things you can do right now to become more confident. The first is to consider that confidence often comes from failures (yes, I promise that’s good news). As a small business you are going to fail, it’s inevitable and along with failure comes negative emotions – doubt, regret, fear, sadness, and disappointment to name a few.  And gosh, don’t all these negative emotions really get us down? Plot twist - You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. 


The women who invented Spanks (that must-have undergarment for ladies) was raised in an unusual atmosphere.  Every evening at the dinner table her father would ask her and her siblings what they failed at that day.  If they hadn’t had a failure that day then her father was noticeably disappointed.  Parents are often quick to praise their children for everything they do right and might not highlight failed moments as learning opportunities.  This father was disappointed because he knew that from failure we often find success. 


 Think about when you learned the most.  You probably had to fail at a task once, twice, or several times before you succeeded.  If the guy who invented the paperclip gave up because he chose to feel sad, doubtful, or regret what he had done – where would we be now?! Hah, hah, the world without paperclips would be no world at all!!! Really, though, if you are passionate about your dreams then you will go through failures and mishaps but you will grow a great level of confidence. From those trials and errors you will know you made it through the tough times and world domination is right around the corner. 


Here are 3 tips and tricks we use to build our confidence:

1. Fail often: If you are not failing you are not learning new things. If you are not learning new things you are not growing. If you are not growing (personally and professionally) you are not building a business. 


2. 3 Wins:  What comes after failure? Accomplishment! Wake up every morning and think of 3 things you have accomplished in your professional or personal life.  This will give you that boost you need in the morning.


3. (speaking of mornings) Exercise! : It is easy to get stuck at the desk all day which can drain energy from your body thus making you less productive.  There are several studies that have shown that dedicating part of your day (at least 30 minutes) to get up and get active leave you feeling more energized, confident, and just feelin’ good! 


Try these 3 tips for a week and see how much they have changed your level of confidence and belief.  Confidence is something most of us can have more of.  Do not forget to take time for yourself because without you, there’s no business! 


If you feel like confidence is not your strong suit and you’re in need of more help, feel free to reach out! You can private message us or comment any time at or tune in to our new video series ‘Talk it Out Tuesday’ and ask your questions so others can benefit. To your pure success!


Grace Child

About the Author: Grace Child