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Ready, Set...Bring on 2015!

Wednesday January 14, 2015 comments



With a new year comes new goals, new resolutions and often a new business strategy.  The problem is, without follow through these goals are as good as a dead battery.  The key to truly growing your business is to follow through with your goals, strategy and clients.  Let’s review tips for setting and achieving your 2015 business goals.  

Set Realistic Goals
Goal setting is a necessary and important piece of the success of your business, but setting unrealistic goals can be detrimental.  Setting unreachable goals often causes more distress than it does success.  Goal development allows a business to be proactive, rather than reactive, but the key is to know how to set attainable goals. So what are some of the ingredients to the secret sauce of goal setting...?

The key to setting attainable goals is making sure they are specific.  How much profit increase do you want to see, by when?  How will you achieve this growth?  What is your strategy?

Time Frames
Outline three- to five-year targets, as well as annual goals and quarterly priorities. “We work on 90-day timeframes and typically choose four or five top company priorities each quarter,” Charlie Brock, The Tennessean.  Internally we set an annual goal, then quarterly, then monthly and even down to weekly. We admit, we have some serious fun with competitions in our office to meet our goals!

An essential piece of achieving your goals is knowing what you’re capable of completing.  Goal setting is much like eating.  More often than not our eyes are bigger than our bellies, and we’re unable to complete what we’ve piled on our plate.  It is vital when developing your goal strategy that you’re honest with yourself regarding which goals are personally achievable and for which goals you need reinforcement.

Stay True to Core Values of the Business
The core values of a business provide structure not only for the business, but also for employees and clients.  In addition, company philosophies can help determine the goals you make for your organization.  Setting objectives that reflect your mission and purpose creates a comprehensive strategy that continues to drive your business in the direction in which it was intended.

Take a minute and reflect on 2014, the goals you made then and the goals you achieved.  Now, review the goals you have set for your business in 2015 and determine whether these goals align with your company’s core value, whether they are attainable and if you have a strategy for completing them.  After all, “a goal properly set is halfway reached,” Zig Ziglar.

What are your sizzlin'' goals for the year? We can''t wait to hear! Please comment here and share with us Let''s kick off our shoes and start dancin'' over our successes! Come on 2015 and show us what you''ve got!