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Seeing the Good in the World

By: Katie Myers Saturday November 21, 2015 comments


               There have been recent events in our world that are epic tragedies. There is a level of darkness that is hard to see through at times. Our world can be a complicated and confusing place and it can be difficult to rise above and see the “light”.

               My reason for writing this blog at this point in time is because I believe it is applicable now more than ever. Our business is to help other business’ retain their customers and make them loyal. That sounds very basic and the concept is for the most part, basic. However, I want to break down the WHY of what we do and bring it to the level of how we can change the world, one conversation at a time.

               There are two things every human being wants more than anything in this world. To be heard. And to know that they matter. These are basic needs that we as intelligent beings crave.  Our subconscious fights for this on our behalf every day. Think about when you have to call your internet or phone provider when you are having a problem. You are calling because you need a problem to be solved, however on a deeper level by you making that call you are wanting to have your problem heard, understood and to be treated like your problem matters to the company you are calling.

               Think about what you have to do in your business to show your customers, your vendors, your partners and collaborators that they matter and that they are being heard. This all begins with being an active listener. This takes practice and patience but by concentrating on what the other person is saying and paying attention to how they feel will easily make them feel that they are being heard. The showing them they matter part can be more of a challenge for some people. If you are not a mushy, lovey-dovey person that is OKAY! You can show people they matter with words, recognition, gifts etc. One of the easiest ways to show someone they matter is to tell them some of these phrases:

  • I appreciate you…
  • I appreciate your opinion and/or sharing this with me…
  • I hear what you are saying…
  • Your opinion matters…
  • Your contribution matters…


Another challenge for you is to recognize strangers you pass by. Many of us in our culture are staring at the floor as we walk by others, we are quick to disregard “strangers”. Next time you are out running errands keep your head up. Keep it out of your phone and just look around. Perhaps you will make eye contact with someone that simply needed a smile that day or simple hello.

If each and every one of us were to consciously work on being better listeners and recognizing other people on daily basis, there would be more light in our world than darkness. Each one of us has the power to make change. We are the ones in control of how we treat others. There are ways each and every day we can improve how we make others feel and by doing them we find a new confidence in ourselves.

Here’s to good conversation, Katie

Katie Myers

About the Author: Katie Myers