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Time to Brush Up On Your Follow Up

By: Katie Myers Sunday July 16, 2017 comments

It’s the beginning of the third quarter and that means it’s a perfect time to evaluate how effective your follow up game is. Do you have a strategy in place? If not, start today!

If you do have a strategy, are you following it? In the day-to-day push of balancing work, it’s easy to let follow ups fall to the wayside.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re nailing the follow up.

  • Do you have a tracking system in place? You need to do this for a few reasons. First of all, it keeps you accountable. Secondly, you know where you are in the follow up process. Is this your fifth call? The third reason is so you can keep your conversations personal for the client. Keep detailed notes. The brain isn’t designed for holding information. It’s for processing it. If the last time you spoke, your client’s second child had a knee surgery, ask about how they’re doing the next time. Those personal touches, and your attention to detail, will change the scope of your connections.

ProTip: Did you know that it takes at least 5 touches to be effective? It’s true. 80% of people will convert after the 5th touch. Go to 8 and you’ll be even more surprised!

  • Are you following up within 3 business days? If not, how will you tackle this? An actionable list is preferable to a “when I have time”, so keep that in mind.
  • Are you using the 90/10 rule in your communication? Note: 90% of the messaging should be educational, resourceful information while the other 10% is an invitation to the next step of your sales process.
  • Is the follow up about them and what you can do FOR them, rather than what they can do for you? If you ignore this part, your leads will dry up and you’ may be ignored in all future correspondence. People want to feel important, so make it so. They’re your important current or future clients, after all.
  • Are you using multiple forms of communication? Do you know which way your contact wishes to communicate? This is very important. If you have someone who hates emails, but loves phone calls, use that to tailor their experience.
  • Take a look at your sales process. Does it need to be updated? After you follow up, what is your next step? This is that 10% mentioned earlier.

If you still struggle with creating effective follow-ups, check out our video series. There’s also a list of do’s and HERE. Trust me, you want to see the top three don’ts on our list. We even have a few phrases you should avoid.

You have to do the work before you can hire it out. Learn the process and gain the skills. Remember, no one can sell YOU like YOU can.

Katie Myers

About the Author: Katie Myers