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Vulnerability in Business

By: Grace Child Friday April 17, 2015 comments

vulnerability in business

Vulnerability is something that makes some of us cringe but learning to accept it could bring your to the next level! I used to think that being vulnerable meant you are weak. I have quickly learned that vulnerability not only shows you are a strong individual but helps others relate to you on a deeper level.  This month we have been talking all about building the know, like and trust factor within your business and acknowledging and accepting being vulnerable can be a key to building these factors earlier in your relationships.


Being vulnerable in business means sharing a part of yourself or your business that isn’t very shiny or sexy to which others can relate.  Being vulnerable brings that real-person factor in to your business.  For example, when we teach about follow-up we never claim that we were born follow-up experts. Following up properly is a habit you must learn to nurture and grow.


Here is what happens when you let your corporate guard down and express vulnerability:


You’re appealing – When you bring this raw, humanistic character back in to your business people will like you. When you share something about yourself or your business that isn’t sexy or shiny, I guarantee there will be hundreds if not thousands of other entrepreneurs out there that can relate to your struggles.


 You’re strong – It does take courage to let your guard down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to share your passwords with everyone; I am asking you to find parts of your business that you know others are struggling with. If you’re the one that shares your story of vulnerability, others will follow in your footsteps. This is also called ‘being a leader’, we recommend it!!


You’re trusting – The more people that can relate to you, they feel they will know you, and thus trust you. Share your vulnerable moments in business and how you overcame them and people will see that you have nothing to hide and that you are a trustworthy individual.


            Being vulnerable is hard. Think of the silliest things that you think others will relate to and start sharing that story. People want to know that you are human, show them! I would love to hear your vulnerable moments. We spend a lot of time listening to our audience’s successes and struggles so we invite you to share yours too! You can do so by commenting on this blog OR by hoppin’ on over to and following us! You can also leave a comment or private message to have your questions answered on our next Talk it out Tuesday video.


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Grace Child

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