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Your Language is Killing Your Business

By: Katie Myers Monday April 6, 2015 comments



Let’s talk about how to self-promote in your messaging without sounding boastful. There is a lot of hullabaloo around sales practices and approaches and what to say when you are following-up. 


There is a lot to be said about the power of words and which words you choose to promote and sell yourself when attempting to close the deal. Traditionally we have been taught to use phrases such as “I’m just following-up”, “I’m touching base” and “I’m checking in” to woo our prospects in to dating us for the long-haul. Well my friends, times are achanging and no one likes to hear those phrases or SEE those phrases in follow-up. Every time I see the words “following-up”, “checking in” or “touching base” I instantly know that this is a sales attempt to close me for business and guess what? I immediately move on to the next item in my inbox or the next voicemail on my phone. 


We are programmed as entrepreneurs and salespeople (yes we are all salespeople too) that these key terms are essential in being deliberate and intentional when executing our follow-up process. It’s time to re-assess and get creative so that your follow-up communication will be heard, recognized and will be refreshingly appreciated. Let me show you the way to changing your verbiage in your touch strategy to truly build trust, likeability and ultimately the clients you deserve.


1. Get rid of the old-school language: Completely remove the terms “following up”, “touching base” and “catching up” from your sales lingo arsenal. Terminate them entirely and watch your creativity emerge. You will find this is difficult at first but follow the next few steps and you will ditch your bad-business-lingo habit. 


2. Know your reason: Consider the real reason why you are sending your follow-up email or making your follow-up phone call. At what point of your sales process are you? Are you needing to schedule a meeting or a next step phone call? Are you needing to get the close on the account verbally or via email? The point of the process is imperative to the verbiage you are going to use. Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes and think about what you clearly state for the action item you want them to take. 


3. Out with the old in with the new: We now need new phrases! If you are wanting to schedule a meeting with this prospect instead of using “I am following-up to our last conversation” or using “Follow-up” as your subject line, consider: Subject line – Consultation Meeting and begin your email with “I am writing you to set up the next step of our process to understand your business which would be a complimentary consultation…” Being as direct as possible is KEY. 


Working on these 3 things will instantly influence your conversion ratio and create a direct dialogue with those you are wooing. Your recipients will appreciate the direct nature of your messaging while still feeling the love and professionalism. 


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Katie Myers

About the Author: Katie Myers